Another fix for

From June 1, 2013 stopped working for me. Again! The messages on my Onkyo were about country, in PC client “Sorry, the playlist service is not responding. Please try again later.”, “Starting radio failed. Unknown error.”, “Sorry, this track isn’t in the catalog, and thus cannot be streamed.”

A notice for users who use free proxies: you should use proxies with disabled X-Forwarded-For header. For those who use squid3 on their own server: to access you should add this line to squid3 config:


forwarded_for delete

Don’t forget to reload/restart squid:

sudo service squid3 reload

Squid proxy in Ubuntu with password authentication

  1. Install squid3
    sudo apt-get install squid3
  2. /etc/squid3/squid.conf
    auth_param digest program /usr/lib/squid3/digest_pw_auth -c /etc/squid3/passwords
    auth_param digest realm proxy
    acl authenticated proxy_auth REQUIRED
    http_access allow authenticated
    http_port 3128
  3. Setting up a user
    htdigest -c /etc/squid3/passwords proxy user
  4. Restart/reload squid
    service squid3 restart